The purpose of the platform is for all artists or suppliers in the artistic sector to find work in an easier and more dynamic way. The platform is an online meeting point between users looking for a service related to entertainment directly with professionals.


Enhance the performance of the web platform and responsive design for all devices. Develop specific web content sections for each service and subservice with the goal of improving website positioning. Establish an intranet dedicated to efficiently managing requests. Optimize the administrative section with the aim of facilitating employee tasks and streamlining internal management.


When I took over the management of's web platform with my skills as a programmer and analyst, the billing figures were virtually nonexistent. The owner felt disheartened due to the dedication invested without tangible results. However, after three months of intervention, the platform experienced an impressive increase of over 3000% in revenue.

This surge not only translated into numbers but also manifested in attracting new users who discovered the platform and were drawn to its improvements. Community engagement grew significantly, sparking renewed interest from professionals in the industry. Additionally, we effectively optimized Google Ads campaigns, maximizing visibility and reach, which played a decisive role in this sustained success.

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