Jordi Valera is a renowned hairdresser and stylist based in Algaida, Mallorca. On his website, he presents his professional experience and career path, as well as the services he offers in his beauty salon, which include haircuts, unisex hairstyles, hair treatments, and makeup. He also provides information about the products he uses in the location of his salon.


The web project consisted of creating a website for Jordi Valera's hair salon with a responsive design that adapts to any device. In addition, SEO positioning was implemented to appear on the first page of Google and improve the salon's visibility on the internet. Profiles were also created on major social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to increase the salon's online presence and improve interaction with customers.


The objectives of the project were successfully achieved by Jordi Valera hair salon, as it experienced a significant increase in both clients and sales, surpassing the initial expectations. The salon's online visibility also improved considerably, allowing it to reach a wider audience and consolidate its presence in the market. In summary, the web project exceeded expectations with its intelligent web design and SEO programming, resulting in a resounding success in the implementation of digital strategies that drove the business growth.


Increase in calls


Increase in Web Visits


in Clients & Sales

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