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As a freelance web developer and web programmer, I can create customized and attractive websites using modern technologies while ensuring their speed, security, and scalability. Additionally, I offer maintenance and updating services, adapt to different budgets, and work efficiently. All of this is done with open and transparent communication to guarantee customer satisfaction and the delivery of a quality service.

Web development - Teo Salas

Web design and creation

I can help you create an attractive, modern, and efficient website that accurately represents your brand and adapts perfectly to your needs. My design approach is focused on user experience and functionality, which allows me to use modern technologies and advanced techniques to ensure compatibility with different devices, browsers, and platforms. Additionally, I offer customization and adaptation services for existing templates and themes to provide you with a tailored solution, and I am always available to assist you with website maintenance and updates.

Web Optimization

Do you website take too long to load? Does it not appear in the top search results? I can help you solve these problems and optimize your website for better results.

I offer speed optimization services, improving the loading speed of your website, and search engine optimization, improving the position of your website in search results.

In addition, I can help you improve the user experience on your website, increase visitor-to-customer conversion rates, and improve the security of your website.

Web maintenance

Do you need help maintaining your website updated and secure? As a web maintenance services provider, I can take care of everything for you. From content and plugin updates to speed and security optimization, I'll ensure your website is in optimal conditions at all times.

In addition, I offer backup and restoration services in case of emergencies, as well as problem-solving and error correction. I'm also available to advise you on how to improve your website's performance and functionality.

Web bug fix

My web bug fix service is the perfect solution to improve the quality and functionality of your website. I ensure that every web page is error-free and has optimal performance to offer a perfect user experience. I correct loading errors, broken links, design problems, and other issues that may be affecting the visibility of your website in search engines.

Web custom scripts

As an expert in web programming, I can create custom scripts to enhance the functionality and appearance of your website. Whether you need a dynamic contact form, an interactive navigation menu, or an impressive image gallery, I can create a customized script that perfectly fits your needs.

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