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Web Development Services Prices 2024

The total cost of a project will depend on the complexity and the estimated number of hours

Services and prices

Hour Anual

Front End Programming

Visually appealing and functional experience for end users
$36 - $55 -

Back End Programming

Development and maintenance of the logic and functionality behind the website
$36 - $55 -

Analyze SEO Positioning

Optimize SEO for search engine positioning
$26 - $41 -

Consultation about SEO or SEM

First consultation FREE
$26 - $41 -

Server Maintenance

Adjustments or setup that a server needs to offer maximum performance
- $255 - $355
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Curiosities and Prices per hour about Web Development

  • Los productos y servicios que más se compran por Internet son: Entretenimiento (68%), tecnología (66%), alimentación (62%).
  • In the USA, web developers charge between $65 and $130 per hour, while in Europe (Central and Eastern) they charge around $60. This price is similar to that of Latin America, between $35 and $70
  • Más del 78% de las pymes españolas no tenían página web en 2020.
  • Casi el 49% de las Pymes españolas digitalizaron su negocio durante el confinamiento.
  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 36% of Spaniards have switched to making their regular purchases in online stores instead of physical stores.

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How much does a Professional Website cost?

Web Developer | Teo Salas

El precio-hora promedio para los servicios de desarrollo web varía entre $30 y $60 in Spain. The total cost to create a Professional web site will depend on the complexity of the project and the estimation of hours by the developer of the developer. Having a well-built website is essential for businesses, as it provides a professional and reliable provides a professional and reliable presence. Although there are easy-to-use website builders website builders, hiring a developer will improve the functionality and look and feel of the site, providing a more robust web experience a more robust web experience. We web developers help and assist in the purchase of domains, hiring of servers and the domains, hiring servers and choosing software choice of software. Before contracting, it is useful to know the common prices to estimate the total the total price of the project.

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Senior Programmer: Beyond the Code

As a senior full stack programmer, I have navigated challenges and triumphs in the development world. From leading teams to solving complex programming problems, my focus is on quality and efficiency on quality and efficiency. Discover how my experience as a senior programmer can drive the success of your projects and take them to the next level. ¿Hablamos?

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